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Datos sobre la fiebre del oro en sudamérica

Yamana Gold Inc. Chief Executive
Peter Marrone

“Teóricamente Colombia se queda con el 4% (de lo explotado por la minería multinacional); sin embargo ni siquiera es el 4% porque los impuestos que los colombianos pagan son usados para la exenciones tributarias: es decir, los colombianos en su totalidad financian a estas grandes empresas extranjeras para que se lleven el 99% de nuestros recursos.”

El Gobierno beneficia a las multinacionales mineras en detrimento del medio ambiente y las comunidades.

Gold fever is sweeping across South America. Nowhere is it more lethal than in Colombia, where the gold rush has become a new axle in Colombia's civil war. Turf wars are erupting between paramilitaries, and leftist rebel groups fighting to take control of mining regions. It's fueling an old ideological conflict and has displacing hundreds of people.
Helicopter raids by the Colombian Army on small community mining collectives have become commonplace, and the Colombian government is accused of targeting poor workers to protect big business interests, and operating with impunity from human rights violations.
Thousands have fled their homes where land is violently contested, and others live in fear they'll be removed from their land, arrested, or killed.
The multinationals are flooding in too. With gold now worth around $1,500 an ounce, everyone is getting in on the act, including North American mining companies. Colombia's pro-business mentality has seen arbitrary concessions by the state sold to multinational companies, often on indigenous land.
Fault Lines traveled to Colombia to speak to the people caught in the middle. The rural workers and artisan miners who've mined for generations, and some whose ancestors were enslaved during the first gold rush centuries ago. Others are former coca farmers, put out of work by the US-led Plan Colombia.

Yamana Gold también en Colombia:
Yamana Gold Inc. es un productor de oro canadiense con una significante fracción de la producción de oro, desarrollo de propiedades de oro, exploración de propiedades, y poseciones de tierra en Brasil, Argentina, Chile, México y Colombia.
Yamana planea continuar la construcción de esta base a través de la expansión de operaciones mineras, incremento en el rendimiento, desarrollo de nuevas minas, el avance de la exploración de propiedades y apuntando a la consolidación de otras oportunidades de oro enfocadas principalmente en las Américas.

Dientileche, el País de los Niños